We're upping the game on gluten-free food!

The Local Graze is a gluten-free charcuterie and sweet shop in Canton, GA. Located in the Laurel Canyon Village Publix shopping center - we take great care to source the finest and safest gluten-free ingredients and create everything in our dedicated gluten-free facility. Because our food is so delicious, you'd never guess it’s ALL gluten-free! You'll quickly find that our fabulous food and in-store classes are just the means for us to spread love, joy, and kindness throughout our community!

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Charcuterie menu coming with our store's grand opening!

So many ways to shop...and eat!

Local markets, special events, online ordering, and our Laurel Canyon Village storefront grand opening October 7th - there are many ways to graze!

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You are in for a very special treat when you order from The Local Graze. The owner is amazing and takes such great care to make everything perfect and delicious! It's like an art show on a plate. The gluten free goodies are SO delicious and will keep you coming back for more. Highly recommend. 5 out of 5 stars!


I picked up some goodies last week and they are truly AMAZING!!! I’ve been gluten free since 2006 (before it was cool) and these are the best. My non-gluten free husband and children tried to eat them all. I had to resort to hiding the last 4 goodies in my nightstand. I got nothing for this review. Just obsessed with this company!


If you think gluten free has to taste "off" or not as good as your typical baked goods, clearly you haven't had anything from The Local Graze! the poundcake bites are to die for and the mini bundt cakes are the perfect sweet treat. I will definitely be back for more!!!