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Shortbread Cookies - Glazed

Light and buttery - melt in your mouth!

Signature Topping Options:

  • Citrus Glaze- Real fruit, HUGE flavor!
  • Vanilla Bean Almond Glaze- Light and sweet - loaded with almond and vanilla!
  • No topping
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Online orders are for pick-up only. To ensure freshness and food safety of our ingredients, we do not ship our products.

Returns & Refunds

Due to the nature of fresh ingredients and necessary prep time, we cannot accept any returns, and there are no refunds if order is canceled within 72 hours from selected pickup day. No exceptions - Thank you for your understanding. Cancelation times vary with custom orders.

Shelf-Life & Storage

When wrapped well, remains fresh for up to 5 days. Can be frozen for up to 3 months.


- Citrus Glaze: Contains milk
- Vanilla Bean Almond Glaze: Contains milk, almond

Shortbread Cookies - Glazed
Shortbread cookies